Marilyn sits at the work table and her brother Brooks puts headphones over her ears.

He plays their conversation from the week before when they waited out the rain under an awning.

Now she remembered, as she heard their conversation, that Brooks had stood awfully close and couldn’t keep still.


A real cool nurse came by the house today.
Her name was Violet.
She looked familiar, but I had the feeling
she hadn’t been here before because she didn’t
want to get out of the car as the dogs were outside.
“My dogs bite,” she said.
She laughed when she…

This can be about art, and it’s definitely about life

The last painting I made was a portrait. I can see the person. The next drawing I make is going to be lawn chair made of wrought iron and completed with firm, any weather cushions that are solid green on the sides around the four-season flowered top and bottoms.


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